Golden Light Meditation.
This is a beautiful meditation that will be a great way to start your day at the first gleam of the sun. It guides you to enliven your body with loving golden light washing away any negative thoughts and feelings that could stop you from being at your best.

Diamond Light Meditation.
We connect best with others when we are first connected best with ourselves. This mindset booster is designed to connect you with your mind and body. It allows you to pay attention to each part of your body attracting peace and calm to every part of your mind.

Learn the lesson and move on
A lot of our stress and anxiety is driven by unresolved issues from the past.
This amazing mindset booster allows you to access those difficult memories and make peace with them. Through this meditation, you can easily learn the lesson, process it and cleanse yourself of any anxiety that holds you hostage to the past and completely let go of any uncomfortable feelings associated with it.


Ultimate Healing.
Our best version of ourselves is when our mind, body and soul are in sync. We feel optimized and we are unstoppable.
This meditation takes you on a journey that brings a sense of healing throughout the body and mind. It reconnects and synergizes your mind, body and soul so you feel like a whole person that is ready for whatever life has in store.


Access Inner Power.

The ancients had incredible knowledge that empowered human beings to access your inner power and achieve greatness.


A Conversation With Future You.
If you had a chance to talk to your future self, what would you like to say? It would be a breakthrough to access the part of your mind that could foresee problems and get rid of them. This amazing meditation helps you think 3 dimensionally to get deeper insights into your foreseeable future so you can carefully plan and execute your ideal future.

Inner Smile Meditation.
Developing a habit of an inner smile aligns your mind and body to function as one highly effective, unstoppable unit. It uses a blend of Chinese medicine combined with energy work to create a calming experience.

Liquid Love Meditation
Gotta believe the Beetles when they say, All you need is Love. Love is all you need!
Feel this meditation pass through each part of your body as it immerses every part of your body in love to nurture and enhance functions. A great way to get centered so you can be at your very best.


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