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Find the right track to address the problem at hand. Rejection Sucks! If that is an issue for you, listen to the rejection-proof booster before your calling session. And you will breeze through it. Can't get to sleep? There is a booster for that. If we don't have a booster to address your issue, lets us know and we'll build one for you.

Previously Only Available To My Silicon Valley Private Clients

I would make customized audio tracks for my elite clients to help them with an issue that they could use when they need it. They were highly effective and cost an arm and a leg. I wanted to democratize the solution so everyone could afford it. That was the inspiration that launched this app.

Get Unstuck in Minutes Every Time

When change happens, it happens fast when you use the right technology. Mindset Boosters use powerful techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other methodologies to help you get a breakthrough so you can get on with life and the work at hand. 

Increase Your Sales By 30% to 50% Right Now

Most sales professionals have at least one area of weakness that limits their sales performance. If it is not consistently asking for referrals or too easily taking no for an answer, there is a booster to help you overcome the issue. When you overcome your issue it will significantly improve your level of success.

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What we do

Take Charge Of Your Mindset

Our Mindset Boosters are audio tracks that have Applied Neuroscience and NLP processes baked in. Need to boost your confidence? There is a booster for that. In 7 minutes it will guide through a process that will instantly boost your self-esteem confidence so you can show up more powerfully. 

There are dozens of boosters that will help you access the desired state you need to be awesomer in any situation. 

Breakthrough Any Limitation and Become Awesomer!

What Are Customized Boosters?

Imagine having the precise solution to a troublesome problem exactly when you need it. That is what we provide when we design a customized booster for you.

Client Story

We created a booster audio track for Derick, a college student at Florida State. Derick suffered from anxiety attacks. After phone consultation to better understand the situation. I designed a personalized booster and send it directly to Derick's smartphone.

A week later, I got a call from Derick telling me about an anxiety attack that was coming on when he was stepping onto a crowded bus. Derick had his Airpods in and his iPhone in his hands. He played the booster I created for him and averted the anxiety attack before it set-in.

Derick said, "Within 2 mins, I started to calm down. In the past, I would have been devastated for hours if not days."

Got a problem that needs fixing 

We can create a personalized Mindset Booster that is built specifically for you. So you can stop struggling and start achieving.

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Case Study - Exercise Every Day

Problem: Doug's alarm goes off every weekday morning at 4:45am. Doug goes for a run 2 days a week because he hits the snooze button the other 3 days. Doug said, "On the days I run I have great sales days. On other days when I hit the snooze button my sales performance is noticeably lower."

Solution: I made a customized Mindset Booster for Doug that he listens to before going to bed. He has been waking up and going for a run every weekday morning since we made the Mindset Booster track months ago.

Doug said, " I can't listen to the Mindset Booster you made for me on Friday and Saturday night because I would wake up at 4:45am and go for a run. I rather sleep in on the weekends." 

Case Study - Overcoming Fear

Problem: Ethan was smaller than the other lacrosse players in the league. Ethan was afraid he was going to get hurt if he played too aggressively. Ethan said, "I know I could help my team win more games if I became fearless."

Solution: I made a customized Mindset Booster for Ethan that he listens to before each game. Ethan has become a force on the field because he never gives up. 

Ethan said, "Last week the coach told the team they need to play like Ethan. this is the first time the coach has ever held me up as a role model for the team."   

Case Study - Cold Calling Success

Problem: Paul is a phone warrior who has good days, bad days, and too few excellent days.  Paul said, "Sometimes one bad call can wreck a morning for me. Its hard to bounce back sometimes. 

Solution: I made a customized Mindset Booster for Paul that he listens to before each call block. Paul feels like a wall because whatever objection or rudeness the prospect throws his way it does not impact his mindset.

Paul said, "I am more confident and comfortable when calling. My prospects can feel it as a result my sales have gone way up!."

Case Study - Power over food

Problem: Janet is hungry after a long day at work. Janet said, "I work from home these days. I come out of my office and I eat everything in site. The unhealthier the better."

Solution: I made a customized Mindset Booster for Janet that she listens to before she leaves her home office at the end of the day. Now Janet feels in control of what she eats. Her diet and mood are better." I added a special component to Janet's Mindset Booster, I get her to reexperience the first time she fell in love with her husband so she come out of work mode right into a more loving space. 

Janet said, "My husband has noticed that dinner time feels more like a date night these days. I'm eating better and loving life more. Thank you!"

why I do it

Helping People Overcome Limitations

My mother committed suicide when I was 14 years old. If she had a stronger mindset she would still be here today. My life's purpose was born out of that tragic event.

I was put on this planet to help people overcome their  limiting beliefs so they are happier and more accomplished.

There are billions of people who know they could be doing so much better in life. The Mindset Boosters web-app lets you get the help you need exactly when you need it.

This is my story

Mindset Is The New Frontier 

Mindset is a critical factor that determines our performance and success in any endeavor. With a stronger mindset we accomplish more in life. The  problem is when a crisis occurs sometime we fall back into limiting thinking.

We created the app to give people the help they need when and where they need it. Got an issue listen to the appropriate  Mindset Booster and you overcome it right then and there.


What Clients Are Saying...


CEO, Strategic Sales Searches

"I listen to a couple of Mindset Boosters before I start my sales day and have a highly productive morning. Another after lunch to ensure I stay in the sales zone."

Eric Ondrick

Founder, The Ondrick group

"The Mindset Booster you made for me to change my golf swing is working great. My short game (150 yards and in) is awesome! Thank you."





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